We construct your home. You track progress on app.

Track construction project progress, inspections, deliverables and payments. Raise queries and get weekly reports to get a realistic view of the project.

1900+ Homes Built

340+ Quality Checks

100% Safe Money Transaction

1. Book Free Consultation

Plan Your Dream Home

Sign up and view various packages, floor plans, design recommendations, raise concerns & queries and more. Automotated project timline is created wherein our executive gets in touch to understand your construction requirements.

2. View Progress Virtually

Capture your progress in Digital Twin (3D)

With every site visit, project progress gets updated on the system. Every stage and task are mapped to the Digital Twin (A 3D Model) which gets updated to give the real time view and walkthrough of the project.

3. Realtime Tracking

Realtime tracking until project completion

Track project construction progress along with inspections performed at the Site to assure good quality. Apart from this, a weekly project report will be available for you to go through and the documents related to the project can be viewed in the app.

Our Customer Testimonials

Over 800 happy family members are part of Brick&Bolt family.

I'm really pleased with the pricing and efficiency by Brick&Bolt.

What helps truly was that Brick&Bolt was always there with us!

I would recommend Brick&Bolt to all our family and friends. Brick&Bolt keep up the good work!

Brick&Bolt have delivered what they promised. Thank you Brick&Bolt!

Why Brick&Bolt?

We ensure peace of mind, trust, and transparent construction.

Safe Money Transaction

Brick&Bolt money transactions work on an Escrow Model. No advance payment is done to the contractor for any stage.

Absolute Transparency

Everything is managed through a centralized platform where customers, contractors and project management teams interact in real-time.

Assured Quality Control

Quality and the progress of the project is monitored through multiple technology platforms which ensures no quality check is missed during construction process.

Zero Delays

Our construction project management software helps to manage the construction activity to give us live updates and helps us to avoid any delays in construction projects.

No Cost Overruns

Once we finalize on a Quote, there is no going back. We promise you a 100% No Cost Overrun Policy.

Digital Tracking

Customers can chart their project completion progress using our app - track inspections done at sites, view reports, raise concerns and more

Track construction project progress, deliverables, payments & more

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