Quick Project Overview

The customer can track project's progress in realtime, view inspection reports, project's work & payment schedule and more on a single screen. The documents related to the project can be viewed in the app.

QASCON & Automated Report Generation

QASCON™ defines 340+ quality checks which are mapped to various tasks across stages. Each quality check is formulated in such a way as to capture the proof of quality for each specific construction task. Automated weekly reports are generated by the system and sent to the customer.

Payment Schedule

The customer can view payment schedule (upcomining and outstanding payments) for the project. This lets the customer keep track of payments to do / done for every milestone.

Automated & Accurate Work Schedule

Our tech prepares an automated work schedule with a super high accuracy consisting of stages and tasks. The system takes into account a wide range of parameters which encapsulates all the variations of a construction site and provides a very specific scheduling which is unique to the construction project.

Raise Concerns & Queries

You can raise queries and concerns for our team to respond right from the app so that in the shortest time possible, issues, if any, will get resolved.

Contract & Specifications

Understanding contract would no longer be a jargon!. One can view the general details, discount provided if any in the project. In addition to that one can view specifications of Kitchen and other elements wrt the package.


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